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Upon arriving at my apartment, expect a polite and warm welcome.

I like to take the time to show you around this lovely space, and for a brief chat to discuss boundaries, consent, fantasies and desires.

I will provide you with a bathrobe and your privacy in the massage room to undress - removing as much clothing as you feel comfortable with. 

For new clients, I like to find a snug place on cushions grounding ourselves as we practice some slow deep breathing. This settles us into the environment - calm, connection, trust.

Relax into the music, temperature control and soft lighting.

After we rise, we hug briefly and enjoy a connection.

I will remove your robe, you will remove mine and I will make you comfortable on the massage table.

Let yourself go as I pour warm oil on your body and gently begin my signature sensual full body massage.

If you have chosen the Erotic massage option, enjoy a very slow build up, (optional) oiled bodyslides and erotic touch.

I'd love to give further details about the Erotic massage - but every client has different needs and boundaries, so it is definitely a tailored experience. 

Although with consent, I am more than happy to take the lead in our time together. If you are not comfortable with anything - it is 100% OK to voice that and let me know.

I have years of experience helping clients who are working on rebuilding their sexuality after decades, and those new to any type of sensuous touch, ensuring their first experience is enjoyable in a controlled, safe space.

I also work with clients and their therapist mapping out a plan to reach a point where they are able to date and receive touch that they actually want. My experience in mapping out a plan has been regular appointments, building up touch and intimacy, and communication around receiving. 

With the Sensual massage booking there is always the option to upgrade to the Erotic, within the massage.

Upon booking, I will need a $50 deposit, or $100 deposit for outcalls to you. 

We can finalise the balance, either cash or transfer on arrival.

I am now offering erotic massage training to solos and couples interested in increasing their erotic touch with their partner.

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