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Let yourself completely relax in my hands as I pour my warm massage oil all over you and give you my signature full body erotic massage.

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Sensual relaxation massage with erotic elements


- Full body oil massage

- Body slides 

- Yoni massage

- Erotic touching 

- Receiving oral 

From 1hr $350 

90min $450 

2hr $500


Looking to explore or expand their relationship. Have a massage with your partner or watch your partner receive a massage and then join in.

Now offering erotic massage training to solos and couples interested in increasing their erotic touch to their partner.

From 1hr $500

90 min $700

2hrs $800

just Chayse

4 hands (eg with another masseur (male or female))

1hr $700

90min $1000

2hrs $1200

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The main goal of erotic massage is to promote longevity and vitality by sending vital energy throughout the body.
Aside from making a person feel more vital, this also helps awaken the sexual energy, release blockages, and purify the body.
The main result of all this is curing common sexual dysfunctionalities, thus significantly improving a person’s libido and sex life.

erotic massage helps disperse the sexual energy throughout the entire body, 

erotic massage can help usher in a new lease on life, welcome clarity and total liberation from the bonds of the past. The result is ultimately cultivating genuine feelings of contentment, fulfillment, and joy.

Erotic massage, as well as tantra massage therapy, can help a modern person unwind, relax, and find inner peace to restore the balance between body and mind. It can unleash inherent power, remove blockages, and help your body and mind heal in profound ways.
More importantly, it can help awaken your spirit and give a real boost to your sexual energy, thus significantly improving your sex life and experience. When your body and mind work in harmony, you can unlock higher states of mind and take a step toward sexual dimensions you’ve never experienced before.

Erotic Options: Welcome
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